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Commercial services

At Spill the Beans, we assist you in integrating a coffee space within your company. Whether you're looking to acquire equipment for your commercial space or develop a coffee break service at your office, we offer customized solutions that will meet your needs


Commercial equipment

Trust our consulting service for the selection and integration of your coffee machine into your business or commercial space. Explore our range of espresso machines, coffee grinders, and accessories

Office coffee-break service

Providing a quality coffee experience to your employees enhances the workplace atmosphere, strengthens team cohesion, and increases employee productivity and well-being

Enhance your workplace experience with our personalized office coffee break service

Creating your coffee space

From counter layout to equipment selection and installation, we guide you through the complete development of your coffee area 

Inventory management and delivery

We handle the management of your coffee area. We take care of inventory management and delivery of coffee, plant-based milks, and cleaning products necessary for the operation of the service

Professional barista

We take care of all operational aspects. Our team of professional baristas is at your disposal to provide the ultimate coffee experience to your employees at their workplace


Elevate the coffee experience of your office 

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